Experiment immersive tutorial

New efficient way to learn thanks to real first person view in VR

Spruce up your brand

Quality VR tool kit tailor-made for professionals

Improve your skills

Professional dedicated platform to share your immersive experience.

Digital transition has profoundly changed way of work. Virtual Reality provides experiences that can scale.

Living an experience is much more efficient than to hear or read about it. Revinax develops virtual reality experiences to train and to convince. Our team includes both VR and pedagogical specialists to design the experiences that transmit efficiently specific techniques and know-how.
Our tailor-made apps promote your products, your skills, your unique particularities and highlight your expertise.

VR approach

VR approach design for professionals and experts

We create ergonomic and handy VR solutions easy to reach for anyone. We bring a rapid answer for your team with an adapted VR response.

VR approach

Digital Shift: Communicate
with our VR Apps

We dedicate our team to provide you advices and ready-to-use solutions across our VR Apps. We support your VR project and team from beginning to end. We provide analyze, training, technical assistance according your needs.

PROFESSIONAL immersive tutorial

Revinax first success to prevent professional risk : SURGEVRY
This app is designed for every healthcare profesionnals.
Our virtual reality experiences in medical education contribute
profoundly to positive learning outcomes.
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Revinax a tool to learn

The best way to learn is to experience.
Our experiences are the closest thing to reality. We have developed a unique technology of 3D recording from the point of view of the expert that gives the student a unique perspective. Through the eyes of the expert, the student is in the best place to see, to understand, and to learn.
On top of the expert view, students have access to other pedagogical data that will help their understanding of what the expert is doing.

Revinax a tool to convince

The best way to understand a product is to show how it works, but it can be difficult logistically in some scenarios. With mobile virtual reality , you can demonstrate how your product works wherever you are and however complex it is.
Our virtual reality experiences will help your salesforce communicate on your products externally, but can also simplify and add depth to internal training.


Why choose Us

At the forefront of virtual reality, we exist since its revival . Development is based on ergonomy of users and efficacy to transmit key points. Sharing our VR expertise makes us leaders in post treatment of reality.

Our Mission

We provide entire solutions : from design of script and specifications to app delivery and support of your team. We bring you the best advises to realize your project.

What you get

Our dedicated app allows you to easily transmit message. Team will be ready to face any situations, even the riskiest. Our VR experiences lead to confidence.


In favour of mobile

There is nothing close to the smartphone when it comes to distribution. We focus on mobile virtual reality so that the experiences we design with you can be spread at a faster speed than any learning technology before.
Our apps run on Android and iOS and on the Gear VR, DayDream and Cardboard platforms.

Depending on your demand, we can also provide the required equipment.

Meet Our Team

Brandon Rosenthal

Brandon Rosenthal


Brandon is a business deployer who leads development of company in US to bring our sotuions there.

Jean-Vincent Trives

Maxime Ros


Maxime is a neurosurgeon who leads design of company to improve use of virtual reality to face risky situations.

Maxime Ros

Jean-Vincent Trives


Jean-Vincent is a manager who leads sales and market of the company in an humanist way.


Grégory Ros


Grégory is an experencied entrepreneur with background in IT and industry who funded his own companies before joigning Revinax.

Rémi Rousseau

Rémi Rousseau

Product advisor

Rémi is an engineer graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique (Paris) who worked at the intersection of medecine and technology in various company positions.

Stéphane Saffré

Stéphane Saffré

Software technical advisor

Stephane is a software engineer with years of experience with 3D and Virtual Reality software development.


Kevin Luccio


Kevin is a an unity dev, but not only, he is a full skilled dev who matters to adapt game knowledge to improve VR Learning Environment.

Denis Fritsch

Denis Fritsch

Mechanic Technician

Denis is a mechanic technician, specialized in 3d printing who designed solutions to adapt recording system.

Anis Chaouachi

Anis Chaouachi

Recording Technician

Anis is an operative nurse, he knows what a surgeon looks at, and skills that must be preserved.

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